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American Para Profesional Systems (APPS) is approved by over 900 insurance companies nationwide. The company was founded in Jericho, New York, in 1973 and now has established offices throughout the United States. With the insurance industry growing at a rapid rate a need surfaced to provide quality exams at convenient times and places. APPS sought to fill that void by incorporating a field of professional medical examiners around the country able to provide fast effective service to insurance companies and their agents. Each Regional Director has built a reputation for quality and integrity in the community with their ability to offer professional quality exams performed in a timely and efficient manner. Today, APPS is the fastest growing company in our industry.


The Southwest Texas Regional Offices of American Para Professional Systems are committed to giving insurance agents and their companies the peace-of-mind that their clients' insurance physicals are hassle free. What this means to you is that we stand behind our service like no other provider in this business. We're willing to take the extra step to provide you the best service anywhere. We'll demonstrate this to you each and every day. The APPS logo stands for the people of American Para Professional Systems. We're "Professionals" you can count on. APPS has proven itself with a philosophy for the new millenium: hard work, reliability and a genuine commitment to do the best job possible.


APPS Examiners are professionals. They are all experienced in their field. We do not teach our examiners how to complete basic medical procedures. They come to us with years of experience and we show them the APPS system - the leader in the industry. Our examiners are dedicated to providing top quality service to our agents and their clients.


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