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What You Should Know About Your Insurance Examination:

Dear Insurance Applicant:

As part of your application for insurance, a brief medical report is required. This report will be completed by a professional examiner from APPS (American Para Professional Systems.) APPS is a national paramedical company approved by over 800 insurance companies. You can be assured that APPS examiners are trained medical professionals who will handle your case in a courteous and discreet manner.

When & Where?

An examiner from APPS will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. This meeting may take place at your home, office, the agentís office or our office. The choice is yours. When the examiner contacts you, they will discuss exactly what are the necessary requirements with you.

Possibilities include:

Paramedical Report: (20 minutes) A two-page questionnaire asking for complete medical history, vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and for men only, chest measurements) and a urine specimen.

Blood Sample: (10 minutes) Blood will be drawn from your arm or your finger as required by the insurance company. Only sterile and disposable needles and supplies are used. This blood sample will be sent to a lab designated by your insurance company. Results are sent directly by the lab to the home office of your insurance company. APPS never learns the test results.

Electrocardiogram: (15 minutes) Also known as an EKG or ECG, this is a painless procedure that requires electrodes to be placed on bare skin on your chest, legs and arms. You will need to lie flat, in a relaxed position in a location free from large electrical appliances. Some appliances can cause distortions in the mobile EKG tracing. Privacy will be necessary, as you will need to partially disrobe.

Physician Exam: (45 minutes) In addition to the elements in the paramedical report, our Doctor will also perform a brief physical exam, which will require you to partially disrobe. The parameters of the exams are determined by the insurance company.

Treadmill EKG (60 minutes)

X-Ray (15-30 minutes)

These are not mobile tests. If one is required by your insurance company, we will help you make an appointment at a doctor convenient to you.

Common Questions

Why me?

This is a routine part of your insurance application process. In most cases, the level of the exam is determined solely by your age and the dollar amount of your policy.

How much will it cost?

This work is of no cost to you. All fees are paid by the insurance company.

A few suggestions to save time and obtain accurate results:

Please have your physiciansí names and addresses as well as dates and reasons for past visits, especially those within the past ten years. Be aware that stress, caffeine, nicotine and some medications can temporarily raise your blood pressure and pulse. Please drink a glass of water one hour or so before your appointment to facilitate providing a urine specimen.


- Smoking and strenuous activity/ exercise for 2 hours prior to the exam.

- Alcoholic beverages and nasal decongestants for 24 hours prior to the exam.

If a fasting or blood draw is required, you will be notified when the appointment is scheduled. During the fast, you may consume water, black coffee and tea with no sweeteners.

Have a picture ID (preferably a driverís license) available.

If you have hypertensive tendencies, try to schedule your exam for a relaxed time.

Wear a short-sleeved garment if possible to provide easy access to your arm.

If you require a large blood pressure cuff, tell the examiner in advance.



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